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RS232 Bluetooth adapters for industrial, medical, automotive and military applications

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Serial Bluetooth Adapters

Serial RS-232 devices wireless connected using Bluetooth Technology
- even without PC or Notebook: This is true RS-232 cable replacement !

The serial RS-232 Interface is still very popular and thanks to the worldwide standards used in almost any industrial control and automation device, sensors, robotics a.s.o. Anyway, cables are limiting the users freedom of movement or makes some special tasks impossible. This is where Bluetooth will be the perfect wireless solution to get rid of disturbing cables. The Bluetooth adapters out of the BlueSerial series are active devices with integrated processors and could be used as a true RS-232 cable replacement solution after a one-time setup and pairing between two or more Bluetooth enabled devices. The BlueSerial adapters and OEM modules are working independant of any Operating System and no software is necessary to connect even "dumb" devices such as sensors, measurement devices, simple controls a.s.o.
BlueSerial Bluetooth Adapter sowie OEM-Einbauversion mit Lochbefestigung. Weitere Versionen auch zur Platinenmontage verfügbar.
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BlueSerial Adapters and
OEM Modules

BlueSerial Class 2 (100 ft.) + Class 1 (300 ft.) and more
The BlueSerial adapters are perfect for industrial, medical or automotive applications within building controls, measurement devices, embedded systems, robotics a.s.o. The reliable and low power consuming wireless connection allows a RS-232 cable replacement with ranges up to 3.000 ft. and more depending of the Bluetooth radio Class (1 or 2) and the antennas used. Because of the low radiation and highest security in data transfer, Bluetooth may be used in mediacl applications as well. The standard BlueSerial adapter comes in a matchbox sized plastic enclosure with a 9-Pin Sub-D RS-232 connector. The power could be supplied through Pin 9 from the connected device itself or using the power connector on the rear side together with a wall plug, a USB power adapter cable or a keyboard adapter cable. The power can be injected through a special RS-232 cable as well that offers a power connector for a wall plug supporting Pin 9 with the necessary power. Another power option is using the BlueSerial adapters with integrated, rechargeable NiMH battery that lasts a working day without recharging. All our serial Bluetooth adapters and modules do not need any device driver software. After a one time setup procedure, the adapters are connecting to the paired devices immediate after power up.

OEM Integration Modules and special versions with IP65 or Railmount Enclosures
The inside elektronics from the BlueSerial Bluetooth adapter is available as an OEM version without enclosure as well. It is small enough to fit almost any device or system. The OEM versions are available with the standard 9-Pin SUB-D connector as used for the complete adapter or with a MicroMatch connector that could connect be integrated into your own systems PCB layout. The OEM modules offers four mounting holes for easy piggyback assembling with optional mounting material. Another OEM version will be available soon that is toatlly casted into plastic compund for highest water, dust and heat resistance. More adapters are available within special nclosures out of extruded aluminium (IP65 version) for hars enviroments or a Railmount enclosure for special controls with or without integrated battery and a wide power range starting from 8V to 32V DC. All our serial Bluetooth adapters are based on the same, easy to handle setup software and could be integrated in almost any enclosure your application will need.

BlueSerial Adapters + OEM Modules are using automatic RX/TX + DTE/DCE detection
Unlike any other serial Bluetooth adapter we know, all adapters and modules from the BT-BlueSerial Series offers an automatic detection of RX/TX and DTE/DCE so there is no need to worry about zero modem cables and/or adapters to get fast results and reliable connections. The BlueSerial adapters and modules offers automatic device recognition and Profile detection as well. Handwarehandshake is standard, but could be switched off for devices working with RX/TX and ground only. A Wirless Setup Profile could be used to do the one time setup wirleless using the Bluetooth connection itself. This feature allows the integration of new modules into own systems and devices without a first time setup, that is normally necessary using a PCs or notebooks serial port once. The new adapter can be wireless configured using a second Bluetooth adapter on a PC or notebook. Other vendors offers Bluetooth adapters, modules or chips and leave you alone starting to program your own Bluetooth profiles or even stacks. Our adapters and modules are complete and ready for action using the integrated Serial Port Profile (SPP) without any programming knowledge

Project support, R&D, Design-In Services:
We offer project support and additional design-in services for smaller projects as well. We could integrate small applications within the modules flash ram using the internal CPU as well to save investments into additional, external processing units or get the modules work with non-standard interfaces. Just ask for an offer if you got a project with a specific application that could not be covered by our standard adapters, modules and software.

BlueSerial RS-232 Bluetooth Adapters and BlueOEM Modules
BlueSerial adapters with or without enclosure as OEM integration modules with different connector and power options. Selection of Bluetooth radio Class 2 (range up to 100ft.) or Class 1 (range up to 300 ft.) using the small standard, detachable antennas. Higher range is possible with special high gain directional antennas. Unique features: Automatic RX/TX and DTE/DCE device detection and wireless Setup Profile. Adapters with integrated batteries are available as well.

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BlueSerial Adapter mit und ohne Akku als Class 1 oder 2 sowie auch ohne Gehäuse als OEM-Version

BlueControl Bluetooth Modules and Developerkits
The BlueControl CLI Modules are OEM Integration Modules similar to the BlueOEM Modules, but offers additional I/O Ports (6 or 14 I/Os) The BlueControl Modules comes in the shape of a 24-Pin Dual-InLine Chip that easily mounts to standard Chip sockets available everywhere in the market. For fastest results with own I/O projects, two developerboards will be available with a solder field (SMD and through hole) that could be used for own relays, optical couplers, chips or connectors.

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BlueEval Evaluationsboard mit aufgesetztem BlueControl Modul

BlueIP65 Bluetooth Industrial Adapter for harsh enviroments
The BlueSerial Adapters are available in IP65 enclosures made out of sxtruded aluminium for harsh enviroments and automotive applications. The BlueIP65 Adapters are available with Bluetooth Class 2 (range up to 100 ft.) or Class 1 radio (range up to 300 ft.) with or without integrated battery and a wide range power supply accepting between 8 and 32 Volts DC so it could be used in cars, trucks, cranes, boats, fork-lift a.s.o. The aluminum enclosure offers various mounting and antenna options for higher ranges up to 3.000 ft. and more.

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BlueIP65 Bluetooth RS232 Adapter im stabilen Alugehäuse mit externer Antenne

BlueRail Bluetooth Adapter in Railmount Enclosures
The BlueSerial Adapters are available in Rail mounatable enclosures as well. These enclosures are mainly used in control systems, building automation a.s.o. The BlueRail Adapters are available with Bluetooth Class 2 (range up to 100 ft.) or Class 1 radio (range up to 300 ft.) with or with a wide range power supply accepting between 8 and 32 Volts DC so it could be used in almost any enviroment. The external SMA antenna connector allows the use of high gain antennas or standard antennas with thin cables to get out of shielded metal cabinets.

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BlueRail Bluetooth RS232 Adapter im Hutschienengehäuse

BluePCI Blutooth Card for PCs as AccessPoint / MultiSerial Adapter
With the BluePCI Card your PC becomes a Bluetooth AccessPoint and could be used as a wireless, MultiSerial adapter card, that connects up to 7 Bluetooth clients with simultanious data transfer using virtual COM ports instead. The BluePCI Card is one of the few Bluetooth solutions that could be used together with Windows NT or Linux. Of course, Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP is supported as well. The BluPCI Card comes with an external , detachable antenna and Bluetooth Class 2 (range up to 100 ft.) or Class 1 radio (range up to 300 ft.)

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BluePCI Bluetooth PCI Adapterkarte mit virtuellen COM Schnittstellen

BlueBox Bluetooth Solution upgrades serial (RS-232) Barcode-Scanners
The BlueBox is a special customized solution based on the BlueSerial Adapters, but integrates a set of high power batteries (4 x LR6 / AA) that supports the Bluetooth electronics AND a serial RS232 Barcodescanner (CCD or Laser) The BlueBox is ergonomical shaped and uses belt clips so it could be mounted on the users side. Using a BlueSerail Adapter as the receiver, the BlueBox could connect the attached Barcode scanner to a POS system / cash register or PC up to a distance of 300 ft. and more.

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BlueBox Bluetooth RS232 Adapter mit Akku zum Anschluss an serielle Barcodescanner

BlueUSB Bluetooth USB Adapters for PCs and Notebooks
The BlueUSB Bluetooth Adapters fits any USB port from a PC or Notebook and could be used the same way as the BluePCI card using virtual COM ports to connect up to 7 Bluetooth devices for simultanious data transfer, but Windows NT is NOT supported. Our software for Windows 98SE, 2000 or XP offers the same Look and Feel used from the BlueSerial adapters. This allows an easier handling than other USB Bluetooth adapters using Widcomm or Broadcom software with too much overhead and Bluetooth Profiles.

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BlueUSB Bluetooth USB Adapter unterstützt virtuelle COM Schnittstellen

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