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Bluetooth, ZigBee, WLAN + Infrared Data Communication
Bluetooth, ZigBee, WLAN + Infrared for wireless Data transfer
CD, DVD + BluRay Duplicators, -Printers, -Media
CD, DVD + BluRay Duplication Systems, Robotics with Drucker and Stand-Alone Duplicators
Networkadapters, HUBs + Add-Ons
Networkadapters, HUBs + Add-Ons
Harddrive Duplicators (SCSI, IDE, SATA)
Harddisk Duplicators for SCSI, IDE or SATA drives and combination units
NAS, RAID + CD/DVD Server, Networkdrives, Backup
RAID, NAS, CD/DVD Server, Backup + Network Storage Solutions
MultiMedia + CE Products, VoIP, iPod AddOns
Streaming Media Clients, Multimedia Players, VoIP, Consumer Electronics
Memory Upgrades for all brands from A to Z
Memory Upgrades for PCs, Notebooks, Servers, Workstations, Laserprinters, Cameras, Fax, Router and more
Batteries + Power Supplies for Notebooks and Portable Printers
Batteries, Power Supply, Car Adapters for Notebooks and portable Printers
SCSI to IDE or SATA Converter
SCSI to IDE or SATA Converter connects IDE/ATAPI/UDMA/SATA drives to SCSI Controllers
Notebook Bags and Cases, Mobile Office
Notebook Bags and Cases, Mobile Office Systems
Internal Notebook Drive Kits
Internal Harddrive Kits and Removeable Drives, ZIP-Drives for Notebooks
External Drives for Notebooks + PCs
Mobile, external drives (HD,CD,CD-RW,DVD) using PCMCIA, USB + FireWire
PC + Server internal Harddrive Kits
Special internal HD kits for PCs and Servers
Generic Harddrives, CD, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R + AddOns
Harddrives, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, BluRay and more drives
RAID-Controller + RAID Subsystems, SATA, IDE + SCSI
RAID Subystems and Controllers for SATA, IDE + SCSI Festplatten
Cabels and AddOns retractable from ZIP-LINQ
ZIP-LINQ uses a retractable cables to get rid of the tangeled cable chaos
StorCase Storage Enclosures + Trays
Storage Enclosures + Removeable Trays
Drive Enclosures + Add-Ons
Drive Enclosures + Add-Ons
PC + Server Enclosures, 19" Server + Storage Enclosures
PC + Server Enclosures, 19" Server + Storage System Enclosures
SCSI Controllers, SCSI + IDE Kabel, Terminators, AddOns
Internal and external SCSI + IDE Cables, active and passive Terminators
I/O Interfaces: Parallel, Serial, SCSI, IDE, Sound aso.
Interfaces for any application and all Bus Systems
USB + FireWire- Cards and Peripherals
USB + Firewire Cards and peripherals for PCs, Notebooks and MACs
PC-Cards / PCMCIA Products
Fax/Modem, GSM, ISDN, Interfaces und PC-Card Readers
POS, Barcode Scanner, Printer, AddOns
Everything for the Point Of Sales, Printers, Barcode Scanners / Readers
Medical Applications + Products
New Medical Technology Products and IT Apps for the Medical Business
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